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Getting Broken or Malfunctioning Equipment Back in Working Order in Saint Johns and Surrounding Areas

If your heater or air conditioner is making strange noises, providing insufficient heat or air, or has just stopped working entirely, Victory Heating and Cooling has the solutions you need. Based in local Clinton County, we’ve provided expert HVAC repairs and other services to our friends and neighbors for over 20 years. 

Whether you need a quick part replacement or a major overhaul, we deliver the fast, effective results you need to stay comfortable in any weather, all with our patented friendly service that will put you at ease.

Our 24/7 HVAC repair and maintenance services are available in Clinton, Ingham, and Shiawassee counties! Call (517) 300-3488 or contact us online for fast and effective HVAC repair solutions.

Get Your Equipment Serviced at the First Signs of Trouble

The faster you address issues, the faster your comfort can be restored, and the less lasting damage your equipment will incur. Even the little inconveniences can build into big problems, so call our Clinton County HVAC repair technicians from Victory Heating and Cooling the minute you notice something strange with your heater or air conditioner, and we can provide fast, efficient, and affordable service that fixes damages and prevents further trouble.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs:

  • Lukewarm temperatures
  • Weak airflow
  • Musty scents or strange noises
  • Short cycling
  • Humidity issues
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Higher-than-usual energy bills

What Does HVAC Repair Include?

What you call in for HVAC repair, includes a complete inspection of your unit. A licensed Clinton County HVAC repair technician will identify any broken parts, or leaks, and ask questions about previous maintenance work. They will then proceed to do the necessary repair to ensure proper heating and cooling.

HVAC repairs for Heating Issues

In addition to checking for broken parts, the HVAC technician inspects the equipment for signs of basic wear and tear. For heating elements, a technician may: 

  • Inspect the areas around the ducts, vents, cabinets, and refrigerant lines, for signs of debris, leaks, or mold. 
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator
  • Wash drain lines and pans
  • Clean or replace filters 
  • Check the humidity levels.
  • Check thermostat controls 
  • Inspect the electrical components of the thermostat, and replace batteries if needed
  • Lubricate moving parts 
  • Inspect the fan, blowers, and blades
  • Replace worn pulleys and belts 
  • Examine the motor and compressor for signs of wear and tear  

HVAC Repairs for Cooling Issues

You put a lot of use into your HVAC system's cooling elements during the summer. When a technician begins a repair, they will: 

  • Inspect the heating elements such as the heat exchanger, heat pump, ignition system, and burner
  • Clean or replace filters to allow for better airflow
  • Wash pans and drain lines
  • Test the thermostat's controls for accuracy
  • Check for gas leaks if applicable
  • Replace worn-out parts, such as belts or pulleys 
  • Replace batteries in electric components

A Broken Heater or Air Conditioner Could Be Costing You Money

Broken or malfunctioning equipment doesn’t just hurt your comfort, it hurts your budget. When your heater or air conditioner isn’t working the way it should, it uses more energy, which shows in your energy bills. Additionally, one of the most common symptoms of a broken unit is short cycling, a phenomenon where your heater or AC unit starts and stops multiple times in quick succession. 

This wastes a lot of energy and rarely provides the kind of comfort you need from your HVAC system. By repairing and servicing your equipment at the first sign of trouble, you can keep your energy bills low and your comfort level high.

Your ticket to affordable, effective heating and air conditioning is just a phone call or email away – contact our Clinton County HVAC repair experts online or call our office at (517) 300-3488 today to schedule your appointment!

  • “Good customer service, very knowledgeable and professional! My second time using this company and I’ll continue to use them!”

    - Dana M.
  • “These guys, not only showed up when they said they would, they didn’t stop until the job was finished properly. The job took them into an extra day and they took it with full force, offering education along the way. I couldn’t say enough good t”

    - Miles D.
  • “I've had work done by Victory many times over the years; staff is always courteous, knowledgeable, and competent. I won't call anyone else for my heating and cooling needs.”

    - Love D.

Get the Help You Need Fast

Victory Heating and Cooling is available in multiple counties for prompt HVAC repairs in Clinton County that restore your comfort right away. We take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving you guidance and advice at all hours. And with free estimates, there are no strings attached when you ask for our professional opinion. Just give us a call and let us take care of your HVAC system so that you and your family can enjoy the highest level of comfort once again.

Whether you’re a Clinton County local, an Ingham County neighbor, or even a Shiawassee County friend, Victory Heating and Cooling is available 24/7 at (517) 300-3488 to assist you with any HVAC incident!

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